Eric Luellen

Technology Executive (AI, ML, SaMD, MLaMD, Biotech, Med Devices), Information Technology and Services

Hi, I'm Eric Luellen, an executive, data science strategist, technologist, product innovator, and serial entrepreneur.

Eric Luellen's Bio:

Eric Luellen is a biomedical data science leader. He has 26 years leading strategy, vision, developing innovation & executing roadmaps at intersection of data science, healthcare, and technology. Eric has a strong track record applying domain expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, oncology, vaccines, immunology, infectious diseases and digital diagnostics (DDx) and digital therapeutics (DTx). He has extensive experience working with clinicians and translating technical topics to general audiences. Eric holds two advanced degrees (MS @ Northwestern & MPH @ UMASS) plus 36 credit hours in biomedical sciences at Harvard and 10 advanced certificates from Caltech, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, and Wharton. He is trained and experienced at leading clinical research methods and overseeing statistical designs and a thought leader with over 85,000 readers in AI/ML applied to biostatistics, clinical & epidemiology. Eric has a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset, is a 3x founder, and scaled companies from zero to 130 people and overseen budgets up to $6 million.

Eric Luellen's Experience:

  • Head of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) at CONFIDENTIAL

    Inaugural lead of conception, strategy, and execution of new product development division -- software as a medical device (SaMD) and machine learning as a medical device (MLaMD) -- for $2B publicly traded global medical device company, focused on 12 next-generation technologies and necessary capabilities.

  • Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Bioinformatix LLC

    Lead strategy, design & development of next-generation analytic & machine-learning platforms to solve biomedical problems, focused in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and public health; accomplished projects include leading all phases from ideation through the delivery of: ● 40 digital diagnostic & digital therapeutic algorithms for asthma, breast cancer, CHD, COPD, depression, diabetes, emphysema, gout, heart failure, high cholesterol, hyper/hypotension, insomnia, liver disease, osteoporosis, & prostate cancer ● Digital therapeutic for arthritis and inflammation for US Air Force Research Laboratory with 80.6% accuracy ● AI Digital health monitoring (Medication adherence & pharmacovigilance) - Led design and development of rules-based AI system for real-time monitoring and notification for predictive medicine - Global finalist for C3 Prize at Stanford MedX and World Technology Award in health and medicine

  • Chief Data Scientist at Love Justice International (part-time evenings)

    Led data science strategies and implementation across projects for a global charity focused on combatting human trafficking, family homes and schools for orphans, and COVID-19 relief efforts across 14 countries (part-time after hours). Representative projects included: ● Talent ID - Developed an algorithm to predict the highest performers with 77-97% accuracy using best subset multiple regression ● Nutrition - Developed analysis to identify and plot malnourished children by percentage BMI. ● Trafficking Prevalence - Co-developed research study to measure the prevalence of human trafficking. ● Trafficking Prediction - Developed an algorithm to predict whether or not a person was being trafficked using a comparative ensemble of decision trees, random forest, extreme gradient boosting, logistic regression, and neural networks in R. ● Trafficking Locations - Developed an algorithm to predict which borders had the highest prevalence of trafficking to prioritize border monitoring using Poisson and stepwise regression or ordinal data. ● Fundraising - Developed algorithms to segment donors by behavior using self-organizing maps and predict attrition using random forests and extreme gradient boosting in R.

  • Senior Advisor at Georgetown Strategies

    • Led technology strategy and development projects as interim CTO for $9M software company conducting B2B2C clinical informatics and predictive analytics for global pharmaceutical companies • Led preparations for successful ISO & HIPAA audits  Trained staff on translating user needs into actionable requirements for software engineering  Led development of novel analytics approaches and wrote proposal for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in probabilistic modeling

  • Founder & Chief Data Scientist at iDok

    • Led product strategy, design & development of a Bayesian decision-support system from conception through testing on Beta version with 2,500 diseases and 4,000 symptoms and risks for over 50 million combinations • Led the design & development of production system for 13,800 diseases and 4,000 symptoms and risk factors including manually building knowledge base, developing algorithms, and data extract-transform-load (ETL)

Eric Luellen's Education:

  • UMASSS-Amherst

    Master of Public Health (MPH)
    Concentration: Practice Management & Biostatistics
    Activities: GPA 3.9
  • Northwestern University

    Master of Science
    Concentration: Health Informatics & Technology Applications
    Activities: GPA 3.8
  • Harvard University

    Graduate studies (36 credit hours)
    Concentration: Medical genomics, virology and immunology, infectious disease, neurobiology, epidemiology
    Activities: GPA 3.3
  • Harvard University

    General Studies
    Concentration: Neurobiology, epidemiology, infectious disease & environmental sciences
  • Harvard Law School

    Certificates (5)
    Concentration: Program on Negotiation
    Activities: Dealing With Difficult People & Difficult Situations (June 2001) The Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives (April 2001) Dealing with an Angry Public (May 2001) Managing the Difficult Business Conversation (April 2001) Negotiating Labor Agreements (July 2001)
  • University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business

    Concentration: E-commerce
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

    Advanced certificate
    Concentration: Business process re-engineering
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management

    Advanced certificates (2)
    Concentration: Finance & technology
  • Columbia University, Graduate School of Business

    Advanced certificate
    Concentration: Mergers & acquisitions
  • CalTech

    Advanced Certificate
    Concentration: Business Process Re-engineering
  • American University

    Bachelor of arts
    Concentration: Liberal Arts & Economics

Eric Luellen's Interests & Activities:

in addition to applying systems and data science, AI and machine learning to challenges in healthcare, fintech, education, and retail, Eric Luellen enjoys hiking, adventure travel, and photography. In 2018, he won an honorable mention for the Neutral Density Photography Award for an aerial landscape of the Greenland ice cap.